Snow Many Funny Faces

There is nothing like frolicking in the snow with your bff to forget all the worries and troubles of life. Even if its slushy and not very good snow. Harv my derpy nutcase had a blast catching snowballs. I just can’t stop laughing at his face. So thought I’d share a smile.

He almost went cross eyed and I just can’t stop laughing 😂.
He gotta a lot of teeth. 😬 And he missed the snowball.
He missed again and got hit, and then he tried to find it on the ground…
That focus!
Finally caught one and was immediately offended it was cold…
Tried pup fell asleep in my lap after all that exciting play.

For anyone wondering we’ve had him DNA tested, he’s American Staffordshire terrier, German Shepherd, and Husky mix. My boy isn’t ever going to win any sports awards anytime either. Harvey is like his momma, no hand/paw, eye coordination. Though he is a champ at helping me cope with stress and bipolar because he makes me laugh all the time. And we all know laughter is the best medicine.

Hope everyone’s weekend is as happy as Harv’s! 🙂

Published by wanderingbipolarbear

Addicted to watercolors, advocating for mental health, animal rights, and living in the mountains.

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