My Ode to 2020

Yes, 2018 (shudder)

You’ll forever be my most personal loathed year

I know 2020 that many feel this way towards you

As you became a global cliche of a dumpster fire

But as I break off contact

Holding on to bittersweet mixed feelings

Your the year that crushed me

Crushed the world

Under the weight of global catastrophe

Yet your the year that gave me courage to break free

Spiraling me to stand for myself

Sending me on a brutally painful journey to find myself

Your the year that I finally proved to myself

I am stronger than my bipolar

Throw what you want

I refuse to invite mania

And for that I thank you

My condolences to those swallowed up by 2020

Leaving them only heartbreak and negativity

At the mention of your name

2020, you’ll not be missed

And I can only hope 2021 proves to be the better year

A kinder, more nurturing year

Farewell my dark friend

Just a little playing around in my art journal. Not used to painting letters. Didn’t pick up on camera but used gold glitter around 2021. Not perfect but that’s not the point of my art journal.

Happy New Year Everyone!!! 🤗🎉

Published by wanderingbipolarbear

Addicted to watercolors, advocating for mental health, animal rights, and living in the mountains.

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