I Moved

I haven’t been on here much this week because of a sudden move and some needed time to myself. It’s official I’ve landed in the Sunshine State. Also a hot spot for the cornavirus.

The was quite a few beach goers at this Atlantic Ocean beach, most were social distancing.

My beloved mountains have been left behind, and I’m feeling a little bit homesick in this ridiculously flat new home of mine. The elevation of Asheville was roughly 2,135 feet, now in Orlando I’m at 82 feet. If I get too homesick I can drive to Britton Hill the highest point in Florida, at a whopping 345 feet, and pretend I’m on a hill. Do you know what the lowest “high point” in United States is? You guessed it, Britton Hill. North Carolina’s high point is Mount Mitchell at 6, 684 feet.

Currently, I’m reuniting with family I haven’t seen since I was kid and looking for a job. Job hunting is normally difficult but the pandemic is only making it harder. Honestly though I’m having a ton of fun realizing that the Florida I hated as kid, is so much more fun than I was expecting.

So in addition to my normal stories and poetry, I might add a couple of Florida adventures as well. I’m on a mission to try all the beaches and nature preserves.

Published by wanderingbipolarbear

Addicted to watercolors, advocating for mental health, animal rights, and living in the mountains.

2 thoughts on “I Moved

  1. Coming from those heights to plains is something I can relate too. It never is the same. But you’ve got beaches here 🙌…I’d have died for one near me. And your lowest high point will do fine if you close your eyes and put your imagination to work a bit 😬…that’s what I do. 😀😀

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