Wandering Bipolar Bear

Addicted to watercolors, advocating for mental health, and living in the mountains.

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Welcome to My Blog

There are two causes that are near and dear to my heart that I wish to advocate for. The first is mental health awareness, which is why I wish to share my bipolar journey. The second is protecting and saving our planet, I have so many stories I want to share about this as well. Thank you visiting my page!


My Pawfect Friend

We were sitting in a hotel room in St.Louis; my mom is on the phone with tears streaming down her face. She hangs up and dials another number and starts asking a bunch of questions about flights. Then the phone is lying silently on the table. Her voice is desperate as she begs my fatherContinue reading “My Pawfect Friend”


Kiss your toes Wiggle your ears Do the dance of a fool man Clap your hands Listen to the jolly tune If you look silly no one will care Because everyone is joining in Everyone is following in step If it doesn’t make sense No worry Just follow the music Like everyone else Don’t getContinue reading “Conformity”

Lost in Minneapolis

I’m standing in Verizon, completely panicking. I had just bought this phone two months earlier after I gracefully dropped mine into a river. My tank is empty, I can’t find my debit card, and I have $31.27 to my name. Did I also mention that my home and the nearest family member were roughly 1,600Continue reading “Lost in Minneapolis”